Daily Archives: February 15, 2020

Trips and Travel for Group Fishing

There are good reasons why companies want to keep their executives away from the hustle and bustle of everyday business – and company-sponsored fishing trips can provide the perfect atmosphere to meet all needs.

Whether for incentive purposes, corporate retreats, executive sessions or just a need to congregate executives far away from the office so that they can engage their creative minds in solving real-world issues-it is always important that details are taking care of on their behalf so that they can focus and use the time together productively.

A sport fishing trip can be the perfect atmosphere for groups as small as four and as many as forty anglers.

Spending time together with a collective focus can dramatically deepen relationships and enable discussions that may otherwise be difficult to make happen. Fishing together in small groups of up to six anglers for a day provides relaxation interspersed with moments of high excitement that promote team building and support for one another.

Many destinations now, even though they might be considered “rural” or adventure-oriented – still able to provide modern facilities for meetings and corporate groups. It is often recommended to arrange such trips around or near large resorts so that if necessary to use large equipment such as commercial projectors, banquet facilities, recording equipment etc., they are available at reasonable cost in terms of money and time. Corporate adventure trips can serve a number of different destinations. Perhaps the most common is to be used as an innovative way to recognize and reward high-performing employees in organizations as incentive trips or as special bonuses. This is also often used as a way for senior executives to renew and revive their shared relationships in a relaxed way but still maintain competitive advantage.

The benefits of corporate fishing trips do not stop when the group departs; the memories created and the relationships that are rekindled continue to serve the organization over many months and in some cases years. The buzz of the fishing trip is not confined to those who participated; it may continue to provide an incentive for tomorrow’s top performers to deliver so that they too may become a member of the elite team.